Plan Your Holiday Party

The Holidays are Upon Us
A Time of Celebration & Fun

December 1st – 31st 2018
From 3:00 – 5:00PM

At This Exclusive Rate
3 Course Dinner

(Party Room needs to be available at 6:30PM)
-Minimum 10 People-
Off Expires: 12/30/2018


First Course
Butternut Squash Soup
Christmas Salad

Second Course (Select Three)
Breast of Chicken with Shrimp Sauce, Shrimp Risotto
Blacken Drum, Avocado Relish, Champagne Sauce
Redfish Stuffed with Spinach, Lobster Sauce, Mushroom Risotto
Grilled Salmon, Dry Vermouth, Garlic Mashers
Beef Tenderloin Tais, Peppercorn Sauce
Winter Vegetable Medley

Third Course
Choice of Two Desserts

Have a Merry Christmas and Wonderful Holidays!

Our kitchen’s reputation surpasses ordinary restaurant expectations to deliver extraordinary results, every time. Reserve a party room at The Grill for your special event, we guarantee your guests will rave about it year after year.

The Grill at Leon Springs knows that the holiday season means making every moment one to remember with those you care for most, which is why we focus on providing an unforgettable experience to last a lifetime.

Whether it’s at your home or a special venue, we never fail to deliver satiating menu options for you and your guests.